You have to hand it to Trump supporters; they’re nothing if not tenacious. In a battle with reality, logic, facts and basic human decency, they’ve been losing since the start and yet still stubbornly refuse to go down.

Refusing to admit defeat does not seem to be in the mental playbook of Trump supporter Rod Salka, however. He admitted defeat pretty quickly in the face of a good old fashioned ass kicking last week.

Rod Salka is, technically speaking, a professional boxer, in that he’s filled out all the necessary paperwork and had the relevant scans to prove his skull isn’t made of eggshells and so forth. Unfortunately for Salka and his various internal organs, he’s not a very good boxer – up until now his most noted ring accomplishment was taking a Three Stooges level beating at the hands of Danny Garcia back in 2014.

Last week, Salka faced off against Mexican opponent Francisco Vargas, and decided it would be a good idea to wear his heart on his sleeve – or at least his racism on his crotch – by donning a pair of trunks designed to look like a wall and which bore the slogan “America First.” Perhaps all the blows to the head are to blame.

There’s an unspoken agreement in boxing that fighters respect each other, even if they don’t get on. Even fighters who legitimately hate one another don’t tend to resort to cheap stunts like “racially aggravated shorts.” If you have a problem with another boxer, it’s only a case of waiting a little while and then you literally get to punch him in the face as many times as you physically can.

Perhaps this is why Salka resorted to the shorts, as “as many times as he physically can” punch another fighter turned out to not be many. He spent the opening round attempting cautious jabs as though he wasn’t sure how long his own arm was, and most of the rest of the fight battering Vargas on the gloves and arms without landing anything approaching a dangerous blow. He was constantly backed into corners by his own poor footwork, with the cagey Mexican effortlessly dominating the centre of the ring, and even when Salka attempted to launch a sustained attack he demonstrated the sort of slappy, powerless blows more commonly seen in heated disputes over Barbie doll ownership.

Whilst I’m not trying to encourage pirating sporting events, the whole fight is available on YouTube. I’d warn you now, however, that it’s not really worth the effort. It’s a boring fight in which an idiot is toyed with by a better fighter for six rounds and then quits on his stool, allegedly because of a cut. I fully understand the temptation to watch a Trump supporter get his face punched into concavity, but Salka retired after what was, it must be said, not that bad of an ass kicking. I’ve seen fighters try to continue with cuts so deep you could count their fillings, and Salka’s claim that he was too badly cut to continue doesn’t hold water – largely because his face continued to do exactly that. The stupid prick couldn’t even embarrass himself right.

In terms of Trump-related news, it might be the funniest thing to happen this week outside of the acronym MAGA being repurposed to “My Attorney Got Arrested,” but that’s about it. Rod Salka has managed to make himself the top Google search result for “racist boxer,” and he did it whilst taking a light beating and giving up like a pansy. He’s the hero Trump supporters deserve right now, if not the one they need.

However, given that World War 3 may be starting any minute, I’d definitely recommend doing something more interesting with your last twenty minutes on earth than watching the Salka/Vargas fight.