Desert 1

So, here’s just a quick thought about the geopolitical consequences of global warming, plus maybe a modest proposal.

We know that Trump and Trump’s people deny global warming, even while it is obviously happening. We got fires and floods to prove it. Yet, they keep right on pretending that it isn’t happening, or, if it is, that we can’t do anything about it.

Why would that be, I wonder?

Well, let’s ask the question Who Benefits? Who stands to gain from climate denial? Oil and coal companies, of course. They have been funding climate change denialists for decades. And, recently, they’ve been working very hard to discourage the use of renewable energy sources, like wind and solar, even though those things are becoming far, far cheaper than coal fired generators and such. Therefore, the fossil fuel industry benefits, and we should be the least bit surprised that the Koch Brothers (whose investments include a lot of coal and oil) are fighting wind and solar tooth and nail.

But who else?

Well, if the world heats up, the ice caps melt. If the ice caps melt, then suddenly the Arctic becomes open water. Which means that countries that border the Arctic get a whole bunch of new sea ports.

And what countries does that include? Canada, of course, but also…and particularly…Russia, which has wanted year-round, warm-water ports for uncounted ages.

And who has been leaning over backwards to help Russia? Trump, of course.

So, there you have it. A little speculation on the geopolitical consequences of global warming…

And maybe on a certain President, who owes such much to Putin, and who might go a very long ways to pay him back.