Hi, Everyone,

Normally I don’t directly address anyone in my little pieces here on Liberal Resistance. But, today, I’m going to make an exception. In fact, I’m going ask you to do me a huge favor. I’m also going to ask you to do your nation a huge favor. And the world!

I’m going to ask you to vote.

The Midterm Elections are coming up…and very soon. November 6 is voting day here in the United States. And, in fact, you can start now. Early voting has already begun in many places.

And let’s face it, this election is vitally important. It is our best shot to do something…anything!…to stop Fascism in our country before 2020. We need to flip the House, and, if possible, the Senate.

The problem is that many Americans don’t vote. Last year, nearly half of us didn’t bother to cast a ballot. Others threw away their vote in meaningless gestures—as in voting for hopeless third parties.

This year, we can’t let that happen. Please, for the love of all that’s good and fine, vote this year. If you did vote in 2016, more power to you, and please do it again this year. If you didn’t vote in 2016, well, here’s your chance to atone.

And if you can help anyone get to the polls who might not otherwise go, then please do so. Give them a lift. Loan them bus fare. Whatever.

Because this year is vital.

We haven’t got time for laziness, incivility, or fine and defiant gestures, which in the end…

Could doom us all.