As everyone knows, now, former speaker of the House, John Boehner has come out and said that the Republican Party is dead and buried. It is now, he tells us, the Trump Party. You can watch him say so in the embedded player below.

He’s doubtlessly right. But, it is hard to pity Mr. Boehner. This is, of course, a man who as a GOP operative and an agent of the Koch Brothers did much to pave the way for Trump. For him to now decry the reactionary government he worked so hard to bring about is, well, a bit pathetic. (Then, too, there is the little fact that Boehner was a staunch supporter of the drug wars…until he got of office and joined the board of a cannabis corporation. Now, he’s a big fan of THC.)

Still, he wasn’t nearly as bad as many of the men and women around him. Indeed, at least according to The Washington Post’s Paul Kane, after the 2010 election brought in scores of vituperative, ultra-right GOP Congressmen, Boehner became a voice of moderation. He worked for some kind of deal making in Congress, while all about him zealots demanded confrontation and non-cooperation.

Thus, alas, history may regard him as one of those men who set out with something like good intentions, if not always the best mores, and tried to make some kind of contribution to the world. But, alas, he was doomed. What was needed was not a man of good intentions, but rather one of iron will, who would have confronted the enemies of the American people in his own party, and in his own donor base, and opposed them…

As a champion should.