Let us confess that Robert S. Mueller III’s performance was not what we wanted. We had hoped that he would be vital and eloquent, and, more importantly, that he would bring down Trump with some startling revelation of wrong-doing. In fact, he was not particularly stirring in his testimony (The Washington Post called him “Faltering.”)

But perhaps we need to rethink this. That Mueller did not offer us an easy fix means that we, as Progressives, will have to cconsider the fundamental problems that we face as a movement. We will have to ask why so many men and women voted very much against their best interests to put tRump in the White House. We will also have to ask what we, as Progressives, have done wrong, and how we have failed to communicate our vision of a just society to the Americans everywhere.

Thus, perhaps it was not that Mueller was “halting and faltering,” but our selves. We need to sharpen our message, increase our clarity, and be ready to battle in 2020.