Yeah, um, so… this:

“Trump tweeted that he would be “doing a major rally” in support of Cruz in October in “the biggest
stadium in Texas we can find.” “

So, I guess that would be the “Bigly Stadium” in San Antonio, since the Mega-stadium in Houston was
destroyed by Hurricane Harvey which was caused by the Chinese Hoax of Climate Change. (Damn those Chinese!!!)

And after Trump spends an hour-and-a-half on a “Love Me…Me…Me…Meee sprint, he’ll get around to saying something about “Oh, by the way: vote for Lyin’ Ted. He’s still actually a Canadian, but he’s a vote in my Senate, which I own– they all work for me– and they love me more than any Senate has ever loved
a president.”

And the crowd of about 3000 rednecks and others missing most of their teeth and brain cells will scream “Lock her up!” and forget all about ‘lyin’ Ted’.

CNN and the rest will broadcast this (because, really, who the fuck doesn’t want to be mesmerized by such insanity?), and President Caligula will insist they didn’t fucking do it.

And ol’ ‘Lyin’ ted’ will maybe show his face at the rally lookin’ like his usual self: like a poor, ugly sum-
bitch who can’t actually take a dump because he’s so full of shit, he clogged himself up.

Won’t that be fun?

A shit-clogged Senator, an orange dildo-beast, and maybe 3000 mostly toothless/brainless rednecks
making noise in a stadium built for tens of thousands… in a tiny corner of that huge place.

I can’t wait to watch CNN that night. I might even put Fox’ version beside it… just to laugh at the
insidious spin they’ll toss out.

November 6, people. You know what to do…