From Huffpost: Lou Dobbs Just Went Full Propaganda On His Show And Trump Is Already Quoting It

Choose your words carefully. How often do you use the word “Hate” when you don’t really feel the powerful emotion of true hate. I try to never use that word unless I really mean it. I am a Democrat, a Patriot, and I love America. I think Trump is one of the most selfish and least empathetic humans on earth. I abhor his personal behavior and I do hate his inhuman immigration policies and his slash and burn environmental policies.

But do I hate Trump? The level of damage he is wreaking on the environment, our world standing, the economy, the national debt, and the foundations of our democracy is getting me there. I think you would be very hard pressed to find someone living in America who truly hates America. In fact I believe if you asked those who say they hate Trump why they hate him, the vast majority would answer “Because I love America and I cannot abide his systematic destruction the principles that have historically made America the greatest country in the world.”

I love America, and I am on the brink of truly hating Trump.