A kidnapper takes hostages and then issues his demands – usually a large sum of money. It is not generally his intent to harm the hostages, but to have his demands met, he typically threatens to kill the hostages if his demands are not met; and if they are not met, the hostages are usually killed. President Trump took the Dreamers hostage back in September when he rescinded Obama’s E.O. that gave those that registered the legal right to work and avoid deportation as long as they remained law abiding. Trump originally did not demand his wall as a ransom. He originally said he expected Congress to give him a bill to “fix” DACA permanently. In his grand televised cabinet meeting, he said he would take the heat if Congress gave him a two phase fix for immigration. He said he would support whatever Phase 1 DACA fix Congress gives him and the more complex immigration issues would be addressed in Phase 2. Two days later, he reneged and started raising his ransom demands, ultimately to fully fund his wall and address what he calls a lottery system and a chain migration system.

So far, Congress has failed to come up with a DACA/ Immigration Bill that Trump will support. The March 5 deadline he set for his ransom to be paid has been temporarily stayed by two separate Circuit Courts, but the Supreme Court may soon step in and overrule that protection. If and when they do, then Trump will likely start killing the hostages (not literally). Sending someone permanently to another country where they don’t speak the language, have a job or own property is taking the life they know away from them; so he will figuratively be killing them. He will certainly be taking away the life they know. He has most recently said he is not inclined to grant any reprieves, so if he persuades the Supreme Court to rule in his favor, I expect the Kidnapper-in-Chief will start bumping off his hostages as fast as he can.