John Bolton is Trump’s “national security adviser.” That means he should be focused on things like, oh, I don’t know, the survival of the nation in a world filled with hostile powers and China and Russian and terrorists and all that good stuff. But, guess what, he’s not particularly interested in those things.

What is he obsessed with? According to the Washington Post, he’s fixated on The International Criminal Court (ICC), which he wants to destroy. Seems he’s afraid that someday, somehow, somewhere the ICC might arrest an American for war crimes.

Notes the Post, “Mr. Bolton has crusaded against the ICC for decades, and spent much of his tenure in the George W. Bush administration trying to neuter the court. Though the court has its defects, some of his own colleagues regarded his efforts as, at best, a waste of time and, at worst, harmful: Mr. Bolton endangered security cooperation programs with key allies, such as Mexico, by insisting they sign agreements pledging never to cooperate with the ICC in a case involving an American — an entirely theoretical prospect. Mr. Bolton called that pointless campaign ‘one of my proudest achievements.’”

There is something terrifying about Mr. Bolton’s fixation‑not only because it is putting the country at risk, but also because it says something about the paranoia and arrogance of the mind involved. If Americans want to commit atrocities, he seems to be saying, then by God! We’ll do it. And the world can go suck an egg.

And so, it becomes official. We are now a tin-pot dictatorship, run by a band of idiots who really and truly think they are above the law, and all human decency.