Maybe this type of thing hits closer to home for me because I’m a dad and I know my little boy will be in the American public school system in just a year when he goes to kindergarten but, this new trending hashtag on Twitter, #IfIDieInASchoolShooting, is about the saddest and most sobering thing I’ve seen in a while. The trend is that kids and teens are tweeting the things in life that they’ll miss out on if they die in a school shooting.

“The social media movement follows the school shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas, which left 10 dead Friday, the worst school shooting since the one just three months ago, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., which left 17 dead.” (Washington Post)

Some may say this Twitter trend is dramatic but in reality, this is where the youth of our country are emotionally right now. With shootings happening, sometimes multiple times per month, many feel it’s inevitable and that this is going to happen to them soon.

I can’t speak for everyone out there but, I feel like there are enough problems in our public schools without our kids wondering if they are going to die as they walk, ride their buses, their bikes or get dropped off by their parents at school. I don’t think our kids should have to wonder at breakfast if this is the last time they’ll see their parents, siblings or their dog or cat or if they’ll make it to the class where they can see their best friend.


Perhaps our lawmakers should look at the facts and see that stricter gun laws are something that can help, now. It’s a well-publicized fact that the states with the strictest gun laws have the least gun related crime so why doesn’t our federal government do something? It will help in the long term by saving lives and it’ll also show that the government actually cares about the lives of our youth, maybe restoring some of the faith that’s been lost under the Trump administration.