So this is amusing. You recall how Tumblr shut down all its “adult oriented” sites? Well, guess what. It was a huge mistake. Users scattered to the winds and now Verizon, which bought Yahoo, which had bought Tumblr, has had to sell the blogging site at fire sale prices. Specifically, Verizon has just passed it on to Automattic Inc. for “well below” $20 million, this after Yahoo had paid over $1 billion for it.

In a word, ouch.

Anyway, check out this article on the Tumblr sale in Dealbreaker, Verizon Taking Its Final Huge Bath On Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo Legacy, and then, take a moment to consider the effects of cleaning up your moral position on the web…

‘Cause it makes no sense whatsoever.

Long live “adult oriented” material.