From The Editor’s Desk

December 1, 2018



As you know, George H.W. Bush passed on recently—specifically on November 30. He will be missed, and at least in my opinion he was a good and decent man.

What has been interesting to me, though, is how much the public has expressed real grief at his passing. It seems that you cannot cruise the web or turn on the TV without seeing a tribute to him.

And, of course, the common theme of many of those tributes is that he was the anti-Trump…the good Republican…the man who worked with Congressmen on both sides of the aisle to Get Things Done.

Which, of course, is all true. Yes, I know that his reputation may not survive revisionist history, particularly in regards to the first Gulf War. But, come, let us admit, by contrast he is miles beyond our current regime.

And which, alas, makes me wonder: how did we get here? How was it possible that this good man may have been the last decent Republican in office? How was it possible that this man, often kind and frequently wise, should been replaced by…that thing with Orange Hair?

I have no explanation…except maybe to note that there really seemed to be a vague alliance of wealthy rightists, people like the Koch Brothers, who seemed to have banded together in the 1970s with the sole goal of imposing their own diseased version of Libertarianism (i.e., freedom for themselves, slavery for the rest) on the nation, and perhaps the world.

For such people, of course, George H.W. Bush, would have been anathema. He would have been an abomination.

Because, of course, no matter how much we might disagree with his positions, we all have to admit that he meant well. He was, you see, on the side of angels.

Where-as they?

They scent the brimstone, detect in the wind the sound of leathery wings…

And bow down in worship…

To the Dark.