Editor’s Note: Hate Liberals? Bite Me recently re-posted the above quote from David Simon to Facebook. Our own William Albee saw it and offers this elaboration and consideration.

Many people strongly opposed the confirmation of Gina Haspel to CIA Director because she did not resist on moral grounds the interrogation methods deemed legal by the White House and Attorney General. Now our Border Patrol agents are in the same boat. Many will carry out the orders of the Attorney General, which are deemed to be legal, and perhaps a few will refuse to carry out those orders on moral grounds. Does that make those who do Nazis? Will they be fired if they refuse to carry out those orders? Will the legality of those orders ever be challenged in court? I say we focus the resistance on the leaders who set this policy and vilify them rather than shift the focus off them and onto the low level employees at the bottom who have to carry out their evil policy in order to keep their jobs.