By J.W. Krauss

Editor’s Note: “J.W. Krauss” is the pseudonym of a writer who contacted us shortly after we began publication He or she informed us that s/he is very young, a teenager, who must use a penname because s/he lives in a very conservative family in a very conservative place. LR welcomed “Krauss” to our pages as our first (but not our last) “Generation Z” correspondent. Unfortunately, Krauss eventually had to leave our stable as other things, including college, intruded, but we’re happy to think that s/he is now in a location where s/he can write and speak more freely than before.

This piece originally ran on September 22, 2017. Today, we rerun it because many of the things were problems for Gen Zers remain problems for them now. We hope that by revisiting this piece, we can do something to remind us all…old and young alike…that we must act together to deal with Trump, as well as the underlying disease of which he is the symptom.



I am a member of what they’re calling “Generation Z,” now—whatever that means.  But, call me Gen Z or anything else, I’m in an odd place, right now. I’m between what’s called “adulthood” and what’s called “childhood.”

Until a little while ago, when I was still firmly on the “childhood” side of the line, I thought America was a force that would always fight evil, like we fought the Nazis during WW2. And, I thought that the adults around me, no matter how much they might disagree with one another, would always be ready to fight evil.

That proved to be false in the last few months, with the White Nationalist terrorism that we have seen recently.

I think we can all agree, or at least all of us who are reading this, that Nazis are not a merry bunch of people, not to state the obvious or anything.  We have seen how Fascism begins, and ends, like in Italy with Mussolini, Germany with Hitler, and multiple emperors of Rome. We have seen that Fascism is not a force for good, neither does it strengthen the people, neither does it benefit the world in anyway. From time and time again, we have seen Fascism end in the toppling of the economy, the end of all social programs, and the death of all ideals that do not correlate to those of the cruel dictators who have brainwashed the once free citizens that they are in control of.

Fascism is the opposite of a people-centered ideology, only bringing benefits to a select few, and generally having terrible immigration and social policies. Fascism does not stand for the people, but stands with the elite, and those in control. As we have seen in Fascist occupied Germany through Hitler’s reign of terror, is the mass murder of six million undesirables, including Jews, Homosexuals, Skeptics, and many more. Hitler’s run Fascist regime is the perfect example of a failed state, and it brings light to what Fascism, at its core, truly is. We have seen nothing but fails, torture, problems, and genocide come from Fascism.

So, wouldn’t this be enough to convince us that Fascism does not work? Particularly all the people who are older than I am? I mean, the so-called “adults” who are telling me what’s Right and what’s Wrong?

Apparently not! Fascism and Racism, both have been on the rise in the US, France, Germany, and many other places across the world. Unfortunately, it has been on a recent high in the United States of America, with a White Nationalist rally in Charlottesville. Obviously, the group faced counter protests by people who believe that Fascism is a bad idea. Unfortunately, a disgusting societal defect decided to drive his car through a group of peaceful protestors, killing one young women, and injuring 19 others.

The president of the US, Donald Trump, refused to address Neo Nazis directly for 2 days, and even then, did not address them as directly as they should have been. He also said that there were “Very fine people” among the White Nationalists. The president of the United States should not be defending Nazis! Is that not obvious?

In fact, Trump’s regime is looking more and more like what Mussolini’s and Hitler’s regimes before they gained absolute power. He has filled his cabinet with disgusting, racist, homophobic, fear mongering, and fear crazed separatism. White Nationalists have been literally beating down peaceful anti-fascist and left-wing protestors, sounds like Hitler’s SA, and Mussolini’s Black Shirts, doesn’t it? Coincidence? I think not my friends.

We have seen the police and alt-right thugs beating down peaceful protestors, Trump’s nationalism, his corrupt cabinet, his sexism, racism, and bigotry. We have seen his supporter’s rabid violence, and almost cult like obsession with the man. We have seen him use Obama and the Left as a scapegoat for everything he possibly could think of. He is demonizing those he disagrees with, silencing protestors, silencing the media, and showing violence to the media, defending white nationalists, and moving people back to destructive traditionalism. It sounds allot like some things we have seen by some cruel men and their enforcers in multiple fascist nations.

So, “adults,” and those my own age, let me ask you this question, and if you would please ponder it throughout the day. Why are we letting this repeat in history happen? Why, as citizens of the Earth are we letting it crumble beneath our feat? Do what you can to peacefully protest this, for peaceful protests have had more effect than violent ones. If you will not do it, who will? Remember my friends, he who dares, wins.

Sincerely, J.W. Krauss.