By Michael Jay Tucker

So I’m reading a piece in the Washington Post by Marc A. Thiessen entitled, “The past 100 days have been a disaster — for Democrats.” Thiessen is one of those conservatives who, for whatever reason, elects to write for a liberal paper, and the Post is reasonably (if not radically) left of center.

In this essay, Thiessen takes the Democratic Party to task. Despite its recent victories in Virginia and New Jersey, he says, the Dems remain very much in the wilderness. He sees them winning few elections in future…maybe one here or there, but nothing sweeping. There will be, he hints, no recovery of standing in the 2018 elections, and Trump (again, he hints) will gain a second term without difficulty.

Why? Because, he says, we have failed to connect with real Americans, the men and women who build this country and made it great. Instead, we have linked our fate with the Left…which he portrays as “frothing.” Further, real Americans, genuine Americans, reject such commie froth-ers root and branch— “the American heartland thinks these people are insane.”

He goes on and on like that. He concludes that only by once again connecting with real Americans, genuine Americans, will the Party ever recover. It must, he implies, not support women “marching in anti-Trump rallies wearing “pussy” hats (and placing them on the heads of young children).” We must not be pro-choice. We must not use the term “Resistance,” to describe ourselves. We must not demonstrate “unrelenting, hyperventilating obstruction of Trump.”

We must, in short, be more like real Americans.

But who is he to say that we are not already real? That we are not Americans? And that real Americans support Trump and his illicit government? And why is he quite so certain that we cannot win elections and still remain true to our principles? Recall that the majority of Americans voted against Trump, and only the creaking anachronism of the Electoral College allowed him access to the White House.

And besides…and here we come to the nub of things…even if it were true that we could only regain our position by becoming like Trump supporters, would we want that? Would we want to be those people? Frightened, it seems, of a world that is moving quickly past them. Unable to adapt. Unable to find a way forward.

Do we really wish to be people who cannot see “pussy hats” as merely a good humored joke? Or who (some of them) would force children conceived in rape or incest to come to term? Or who cannot understand that Resistance is the legitimate and moral response to a Fascist state?

I cannot speak for you, but for me…I do not care to be that kind of American. I prefer to be the sort I am, and which I was born.

And which will struggle on, day in and day out…

Until once again our great nation knows liberty…

And peace.