There’s an interesting article over on Newsweek’s page that everyone ought to take a glance at. It seems that conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza “accidentally” tweeted some pretty nasty things recently. Specifically, he retweeted some posts that promoted his newest film, “Death of a Nation,” (which compares Trump favorably to Lincoln) and somehow “didn’t notice” that they came with such hashtags as #burntheJews and #bringbackslavery.

He claims that he simply didn’t see the hashtags when he retweeted the posts. But, according to Newsweek, basically nobody on Twitter believes him. It would take a lot of inattention, say Twitter users, not to see phrases more or less bound to draw a furious public reaction.

Alas, the controversy will probably do him and his movie very little harm. The people who watch his flicks may not be the sort that’s strongly offended by such postings. If anything, the “bad publicity” may well increase ticket sales and downloads.

But, then, D’Souza’s customers are the people who voted for Trump in the first place, and who now still support him. And who, on some terrible level, genuinely believe in things like #bringbackslavery.

So, what else can you expect? It is horrible, but predictable.