Michelle Lujan Grisham

I recently wrote a post entitled ” How Dems Can Immediately Save DACA.”  (See https://usaunify.org/liberalresistance/dems-can-immediately-save-daca/)

I argued that the Democrats should insist that the budget extension last week should include a provision requiring Homeland Security to accept renewal DACA applications, at least for the period of time of the budget extension.  That is what the Ninth Circuit injunction provides, but Trump is pushing that to the Supreme Court as fast as he can, so it may not hold for long. The last CR did not include any DACA participant protections and now we have a promise for a DACA vote in the Senate on February 8.  Another CR will be necessary for technical reasons on that date for at least 3 more weeks before a permanent budget bill can be passed.  That gives Democrats another chance to insert a temporary DACA participant protection in that CR.

There is now an 11 member group charged with negotiating the DACA bill for the Senate vote on February 8.  Michelle Lujan Grisham is one of those 11 negotiators.  Last night in Albuquerque, she held a fundraiser for her Governor’s race in Nov. and I got to speak with her for several minutes.  I gave her my recommendation that the Democrats try to get temporary protection for the registered DACA participants to correspond with the duration of all future CRs going forward.  She immediately said “That’s a great idea,” so we can assume she will at least bring this up during the negotiations.  It is very satisfying to have your House Representative tell you they like an idea you have given them.