By the time you read this, it will be old news. But, on November 12, conservative activist and author…and conspiracy theorist…Jerome Corsi said that he expects to be indicted by Robert Mueller. Whether he will be or not was, at press time (November 13) unclear.

But, whether he is not, Corsi’s fate is interesting in that he may represent the decline of a once all-powerful force in American politics, that is, the Right wing hate monger who feeds toxic conspiracy theories to gullible people.

Corsi was an associate of Roger Stone, the Trump advisor who is now squarely in Mueller’s sites. As such Corsi has himself been repeatedly questioned by the FBI. Now, Corsi at least thinks that he will be indicted for “some sort of lying” to the authorities.

Typically, Corsi paired this speculation with a somewhat self-pitying reference to the vast and sinister powers out to get him. The Washington Post quotes him as saying, “Now I guess I’ll go to prison for the rest of my life, because I dared to oppose the ‘deep state.’ ”

But note here a significant thing. To wit, regardless of whether or not there is a deep state, with Corsi, a conspiracy theorist is being held accountable for his actions. He may not be going to jail for the rest of his life, but he may go to jail for a while, and is certainly frightened of that happening.

Which makes him the second such individual to face judgement. Consider Alex Jones. He is not being questioned by the FBI (so far as I know), but he has been removed from many popular social media sites, and is now subject to law suits from Sandy Hook parents after his cruel and slanderous comments about child actors and false flags.

And, indeed, when was the last time you heard of him or InfoWars? Been a while, hasn’t it? Oh, yes, Jones is still out there, still peddling hate and dietary supplements, and still commanding legions of deranged followers. But he is clearly no longer quite the power he once was.

Perhaps then, we are seeing the beginning of a trend. Perhaps, after all this time, the American people, as a group, are getting tired of Birthers and Truthers and all the rest of them. Maybe, just maybe, they are starting to take action against such individuals—sometimes in a small way, sometimes in a large, but action all the same.

Let us hope so. Let us hope that we rid ourselves of such men and women…the individuals who spread toxins into the body politic…

And who, by encouraging the sad and the unbalanced…

Have done so much damage to us all.