Evening Coffee


Yeshaia Prophet


Channel DEF

November 19, 2019

Volume 1

Yeshaia: Good Evening, ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls. This is the first of what I hope to be many broadcasts of Evening Coffee with Yeshaia Prophet. That’s me, folks. First, a disclaimer, I am neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet. That surname was attached to me by my peers when in college because of my given name, Yeshaia. At first, I was called “Yeshaia, the Prophet.” Then, through ellipsis, it became “Yeshaia Prophet.” Yeshaia was a famous biblical prophet who spoke eloquently and wrote stirring challenges to the status quo. Contrary to popular opinion, the prophets of ancient Israel were not known as predictors of the future, except insofar as they were astute observers of current events; in essence, they were anti-establishment personalities. Sound familiar to some in modern times? We’ll get to that in a moment. 

One more bit of information before I introduce my two distinguished guests this evening. This channel, DEF, has been newly established to include the hearing impaired. By ‘hearing impaired’ I mean not only those who have physical impairment of their middle ear, but also those who may have an impairment because of their closed mindedness. The first are attended to by the signers we have on stage; the second we hope to address by clear and lucid explanations.

Now, let me introduce my two guests. They are both senators of the United States congress; both are the most progressive contenders in the ongoing primary; and both are very good friends with each other and who have a great many proposals in common; so many, in fact, they wish to use this occasion to make an important announcement on “Evening Coffee.”

Welcome, Senators Burnie Sandman and Lizzie Warrant.

Both Senators: Thank you, Yeshaia, we’re glad to be here.

Yeshaia: We mustn’t keep our viewers in suspense any longer. What is the important announcement you wish to make?

Burnie: Lizzie and I have decided to run on the same ticket; I, for president, and Lizzie as my running mate for Vice President.

Lizzie: The reasons we decided to go this route are two-fold: First, though we are reaching  different constituencies in may cases, there is a serious overlap of the people we are trying to reach. By joining forces, as we’ve decided to do, we hope to coalesce all those who are eager to finally see progressive policies in place to make our government function on behalf of the vast majority of Americans and not just for the billionaire class, who have gotten a free ride for too long.

Yeshaia: And the second reason, Burnie? 

Burnie: Do the math, Yeshaia. If we were to win the nomination as the Democratic candidates, and we defeated President McDonald Rump in the general, we believe we’d have a good shot at having sixteen years of progressive leadership in our government. Though many of our proposals are viewed as too rich for the blood of the Democratic establishment and the Republicans, we believe, in time, we’d be able to pull it off – especially if we take both the House and the Senate.

Yeshaia: Yes, I see your reasoning. However, even if you were to pull together your individual resources to win the Demcratic nomination, you’d have to, first, overcome very strong opposition from within the Democratic camp. Take for example, Speaker of the House, Nanny Perougi, who claims you’d have no chance of winning against President McDonald Rump in the general. In addition, you might have to contend with two establishment billionaires who are threatening to throw their hat into the ring. I’m referring, of course, to former New York mayor, Michael Broomstick, who thinks his huge amount of bucks will enable him to make a clean sweep for the nomination; no less optimistic is the former governor of Massachusetts, Devil Lurid Patrick. Both, as you know, are moneyed establishment figures.

Lizzie: The reason they’re threatening to join the already overcrowded field is that their establishment choice, former Vice President, Joseph Buythem, has come off weak in the debates and pulled in relatively little money, a paltry eleven or twelve million, despite his appeal to the big donors to “dig deep.” In striking contrast, both Burnie and I each have more than doubled that take, while relying on much smaller donations and keeping clear of corporate money. 

Yeshaia: So if Buythem seems weak, although his poll numbers still have him up there as one of the leading contenders, it looks like another establishment figure is now jumping into the breach. I’m speaking of Pete Buddahjudge. 

Burnie: Yes, but Buddajudge would not consider himself an establishment figure. He’s parading as the new kid on the block by touting his inexperience as an asset. At the same time, he is using an established political ploy by straddling both sides.

Yeshaia: Explain that, Burnie.

Burnie: Take his position on health care, for instance. Initially, he advocated a single-payer health plan, which sounds exactly like my medicare for all. But he must have taken some flack from those that are backing him and, therefore, backed away by ‘clarifying’ his position. He ended up with medicare for all who want it while preserving the health care insurers. That violates the principle that I’ve espoused for years. The chance for good health care should not be for profit, but should be regarded as a right, along with education and affordable housing. Buddajudge opposes free college tuition for all, claiming it would be unfair to those who choose not to attend college and give a free ride to the very rich. But he’s not taking the long view. In time, it is my hope that everyone will choose to advance himself or herself through higher education, whether it be in an academic institution or a trade school. Technology, as you know, is advancing by leaps and bounds; this requires an overall more sophisticated population; as to the rich getting a free ride, in time the presently unfair disparity between rich and poor will be decreased and eventually eliminated. In short, this class distinction will be a thing of the past.

Yeshaia: Well, Senators Warrant and Sandman, we’re coming to the close of our hour; but I would be remiss if I did not ask you for your opinion on the impeachment hearings that are going on as we speak.

Lizzie: McDonald Rump regards Joseph Buythem as his greatest threat, come the general election; so he wants to blacken his name as much as possible. It’s indisputable that Rump put economic and political pressure on the recently elected president of Ukraine, Zelensky, by urging him to have his investigators dig up dirt on former Vice President Buythem and his son. Was there dirt to be dug up? Probably. Buythem’s son is no model of integrity and has become a thorn in his father’s side, perhaps compelling his father to do something that may have been politically damaging and morally questionable. But none of that is an excuse for McDonald Rump to contaminate foreign policy with his own political ambitions.

Burnie: And this contamination is exactly what has raised the hackles of dedicated professionals in the State Department, National Security Service and Foreign Service. Because of the integrity and professionalism of these patriotic Americans, they have risked their jobs by appearing before the House Intelligence Committee. Bravo for their courage and their honesty!

Yeshaia: Thank you to both of you, Senators Burnie Sandman and Lizzie Warrant. I hope to have you back sometime soon.