Check out this very funny, very telling article in the New Republic, Duncing About Architecture, The ignorance and racism behind the right-wing push for “classical” federal buildings by Kate Wagner. It seems the Trump administration and its enablers are eager to force classical, Federalist architecture on the nation’s government buildings. That is, white columns and marble all round.

My favorite section in the piece: “Trump has found a kindred soul in the right-wing Federalist Society clod Justin Shubow, who is the president of the National Civic Art Society (NCAS). NCAS is an unhinged conservative think tank founded by Catesby Leigh (who authored an infamous editorial on this topic in the conservative publication City Journal last year) hell bent on forcing neo-classical architecture on the entire country.”

Of course, we should have expected it. When a government is on the way down, it starts spending much too much time thinking about monuments to itself, and not nearly enough time thinking about the people it is supposed to be governing.


Michael Jay Tucker is a writer and journalist who has published material on topics ranging from the Jazz Age to computers. (Among his small claims to fame is that he interviewed Steve Jobs just after that talented if complicated man got kicked out of Apple, and just before the company’s Board came begging him to come back.)

Tucker’s most recent book is Padre: To The Island, a meditation on life and death based on the passing of his own parents.