by Rabbi Yeshaia Charles Familant





With seeming deliberation

Will soon begin to flop

Spelling his own demise

Politically, at first; mortally, at last

Nevermore to rise

The mournfully credulous

Or the irretrievably hateful

A stubborn growing populace

Momentarily sustain his posture

Staunchly lending shoulders

To stay his eventual rupture

Flawed and crumbling structure

Stone by stone will fall to earth

Within lies its hidden fracture

Unnoticed by the many

Its gradual dismantling will be

When confirmed his felony

For the remaining few

No mere delusion

The long awaited coup

Shall finally have arrived

No empty imaginings

Longings now revived

They had perceived

What others could not, would not see

Finally relieved

A pipe dream, you say?

Time will tell

If these prophetic words have shown the way