One of the many, many unpleasant things about the rightwards trend in modern politics is that we have to engage with things we’d rather not. The Nazis were unpleasant enough when they were just the bad guys in an Indiana Jones movie; now that they’re walking through the streets with placards it’s all a bit much.

On that note, it’s time once again to bring up Nigel Farage, an unlikeable mollusc who somehow gained sentience and learned to wear a suit. Farage was the chief agitator for Britain’s exit from the European Union, a move which hasn’t even happened yet but has already proved disastrous. That’s right: Brexit is so stupid it can travel through time and ruin things before it even happens.

Last week, as either of my regular readers will know, British Prime Minister Theresa May finally got the bare bones of a Brexit agreement settled with the rest of the EU. She then brought this draft agreement home and was absolutely crucified by the press, her own party, the opposition party, Twitter, the old, the young, and probably several fictional characters as well.

Mrs. May, of course, faced an impossible task. Her fellow Conservative Party members have been casting avaricious glances at her seat since the moment she took over from David Cameron, and whatever deal May brought back would have been pounced upon as a sign of her incompetence.

Amusingly, one of the numerous government ministers to resign in protest was Dominic Raab, who, until his resignation, had been the Minister for Brexit. He had, in recent weeks, admitted that he was previously unaware that the Dover-Calais sea crossing was essential to British trade. Sometimes the truth is damning enough all on its own, so to recap: Dominic Raab had no idea that the massive port opposite France was important to British trade with Europe, and was so otherwise incompetent that he resigned in protest at a deal that HE NEGOTIATED.

Of course, the hard-line Brexiteers are leaping to the fore, explaining how the proposed deal is terrible and how everything would be better if Britain either a) left the EU with no deal at all or b) put one of them in charge. Or c) both of the above.

The most recognisable name to emerge from this mess is Boris Johnson, the bloviating Etonian caricature and former mayor of London who seems utterly convinced that attaining the role of Prime Minister will fix his seething daddy issues. (It won’t.)

According to an eagle-eyed member of the public on Twitter, Boris was spotted on Thursday meeting with… Nigel Farage.

So, the far-right-wing campaigner who pressured for Brexit in the first place has met with a man who wants to be Prime Minister at any cost. Boris, for his part, seemed unhappy with being photographed in Farage’s company. Whilst this is a natural reaction to being documented near Farage when you’re not actively spitting on him, why was the normally publicity-hungry Mr. Johnson suddenly so shy?

It’s worth noting that it’s daylight in this picture. It’s the middle of winter and as such gets dark about 4:30 in the afternoon in the UK, so we can put a reasonable timestamp on Boris and Farage’s lunch date. It was certainly BEFORE Farage, without naming names, Tweeted that “For the first time in months, I feel optimistic. There is an opportunity to select a new leader who is a genuine Brexiteer. This must be somebody with a bold vision for a clean Brexit and they would command huge support out in this country.[sic]”

Whoever could he mean?!

Expect Boris Johnson to challenge Theresa May for the Conservative Party leadership some time on Monday.