Yes, folks, it is never ending. According to the Raw Story journalists at the Maryland paper the Capital Gazette…men and women who saw their friends gunned down in cold blood…are getting everything from death threats to emails celebrating the murders of their colleagues.

In a powerfully written editorial, the surviving members of the Gazette‘s staff thanked the public and their community for standing with them, for expressing sympathy, and for providing comfort. They say that they will never forget that kindness. But, in the same editorial, they write, “Here’s what else we won’t forget: Death threats and emails from people we don’t know celebrating our loss, or the people who called for one of our reporters to get fired because she got angry and cursed on national television after witnessing her friends getting shot…We won’t forget being called an enemy of the people.”

And, thus, we find ourselves in the age of Trump and his deplorables, when those whose job it is to tell the simple truth are regarded as pariahs, and, more, as disposable. So that any bastard with a gun can maim and slaughter without rebuke.

How have we come to this? How have we fallen so very far?