This is just a quick addition to this morning's piece on the Anglosphere, and how I don't think I'd like it, and how I think we actually need lots of newcomers from the rest of the world -- places like Francophone Africa.


Now, I'm uneasily thinking about the possibility of an American military defeat at some point in the future, particularly at the hands of a newly aggressive China. I’m hoping that it can be avoided, particularly if we can figure out a way to gracefully disengage ourselves from certain parts of the China Sea. Though, even if we can manage that, we are still going to have to confront, somewhere along the line, the fact that we are no longer as obviously dominant in the world as we once were. Gunboat diplomacy is now out of the question, unless they’re coming up the Mississippi and we’re on the wrong end of the guns and the diplomats.


That said, it is interesting thing that a decline of one’s relative military might is not always indicative of a decline in one’s larger influence in the world. Recall that the French lost the Franco-Prussian War, but after that (and to the enormous fury of the Germans), France remained the intellectual, cultural, and artistic center of Europe and the world.


Perhaps America can do the same. And I suspect that we will, if we can keep recruiting new and vigorous intellectuals, artists, business entrepreneurs, and scientists to help us.