With all of the blustering about nuclear disarmament and with the actions of President Trump in regards to Iran and all the happenings with North Korea, you would think things would be starting to deescalate in the nuclear development world. You would think this, but you would be wrong.

In fact, “the initiatives in the American arsenal are all going in the opposite direction, with a series of little-noticed announcements to spend billions of dollars building the factories needed to rejuvenate and expand America’s nuclear capacity” (NY Times).

First let’s talk about the 2 major events driving the denuclearization. North Korea and then the Iran deal:

  • Now I know that everyone is praising Trump right now for “denuclearizing North Korea” when they aren’t denuclearizing at all but, simply shutting down their large test site in the north part of their country. They’ve also agreed to hold on tests while talks with the South are happening. This is not standing down and not denuclearizing. This is holding temporarily and shutting down one of many test and development sites because it collapsed in on itself anyway. North Korea hasn’t said they are standing down their nuclear programs at all.

  • Iran, on the other hand, is part of a deal between 6 nations that limit its resources so that they cannot develop nuclear weapons. Trump pulled the US out of that deal because it’s “bad” when in reality it’s what’s stopping their country from making nuclear weapons right now. Trump wants to revamp the deal for no reason, and his pulling out of it is the political/nations equivalent of throwing a temper tantrum, and taking the ball home so nobody can play with it.

So at this point, Trump is mad that others aren’t doing what he wants. He wants to denuclearize the world while enhancing the US’ nuclear programs and developing better nuclear weapons for the US.

Stripping everyone else’s weapons away and making yours better, and then using those weapons to push everyone else into submission sounds an awful lot like a dictatorship or some type of authoritarian monarchy. The US president is a public servant, not a king or ruler. Where does the madness end? Hopefully with an impeachment and soon.