Today I went to the site of the Parody Project on Youtube. I went hoping to get a quick laugh. The Project does amazingly funny videos which combine really great music with pointed social commentary. My favorite may be “Confounds The Science,” which sounds like “The Sound Of Silence,” while actually mocking Trump’s rejection of even the most basic tenants of science (and common sense).

Today, I went to find something new that I could write up in a hurry. I do a lot of articles here on LR Net, and sometimes I get tired. It is nice to have a ready made subject and a story that requires limited effort on my part.


This time it didn’t work out. The Project took a break from comedy. Their newest piece is In Memoria – A response to the NRA Ads. It is brilliant and powerful, but there’s no humor. Just the faces of the dead…the so many children and teachers who have died at the hands of maniacs with guns.

It will make you cry. At least it made me cry. I say that without shame. I am sitting here, now, with tears on my face.

And with hatred in my heart—hatred for the fools and bastards and traitors who have fought any effort, any compromise, any attempt to limit the availability of arms to those who would kill and maim.

So, go, watch the video. Be prepared to weep.

But also…be prepared to fight.

For there is blood on their hands.

And no mercy in their hearts.