There’s a point, way early in the morning, where you realise that the eastern sky has turned to blue.

It’s not dawn – dawn comes later. But there’s a certain point where you realise that dawn is on its way. Tonight feels like that.

Because this isn’t some glorious feminist sunrise where all women will be believed, and it’s not the breaking of a new day when the old, sexist, racist order will wither to nothing.

But tonight, Brett Kavanaugh has been made to look a fool in front of the world. Tonight, elsewhere, Elon Musk has been accused of securities fraud. Tonight feels like a night when powerful men have had to learn, in whatever tiny way, that they can’t just do what they want. Tonight feels like a night when at least a couple of men have to face consequences for the first time in their lives.

Dawn isn’t breaking. Not yet. Maybe the Republican rape apologists will prevail and plunge us back into darkness. Maybe Elon Musk will be weslthy enough to squirm out of the consequences of his actions.

But it feels like tonight, if you look closely enough, the first hints of light seem to be coming through.